Fun for young and old

WRECK-IT RALPH. With the voice talent of John C. Reilly, Sarah Silverman, Jack McBrayer and Jane Lynch. Directed by Rich Moore.

The premise of Wreck-It Ralph is reminiscent of the Toy Story films and suggests that the characters of video game arcade machines live secret lives of their own when their human players are not looking. One of these characters is Wreck-It Ralph (John C. Reilly), a video game villain who has had enough of being the bad guy. Ralph just wants friendship and for people to acknowledge that he is basically a decent guy. Eventually, his frustrations boil over and he sets out on a quest to become a hero, unwittingly unleashing a force that threatens to destroy all of video game land.

Wreck-It Ralph is sure to be a hit with younger viewers. It packs plenty of entertainment value into 90 minutes and the pace rarely slows down. The lead characters are all interesting and likeable and make the film enjoyable to watch to the end. These characters are the driving force behind the film, since the plot, while fun, can also be rather over-developed at times.

The experience might be more hit-and-miss for adult audiences, but there is plenty here for grown-ups to enjoy. The film’s artistry and visual playfulness amazes throughout and shows great creativity in playing with the various visual styles encountered in the diverse video game realms the story moves through. Sharp-eyed viewers will be rewarded with countless clever visual puns and gags. The story carries an uplifting message regarding the dangers of egotism and of acknowledging and coming to terms with the good and bad within ourselves. The film gets its message across with subtlety and without becoming preachy.

Wreck-It Ralph is highly recommended for parents who enjoy going to the movies with their children. The strong visual style and thoughtful writing are sure to win the film many adult fans as well.


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